7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe And Calm During The 4th Of July

Fireworks are generally a fun way to celebrate special occasions, but most dog owners would agree – NEVER take your dog to see fireworks. Did you know that July 5th is one of the busiest days at animal shelters? Animal control across the country report around a 30% increase in lost pets each year between July 4-6. While we are enjoying a spectacular light display, our pets are experiencing terrifying explosion sounds.

Sometimes the noise of fireworks can’t be helped and you need to find ways to keep your dog calm during fourth of July celebrations. From rowdy beach-goers with fireworks to neighborhood kids setting off firecrackers on the street, your dog may hear firework noises this summer whether you like it or not.

Help prepare your pupper for the upcoming July 4 festivities with these 7 ways to keep your dog safe and calm during the 4th of July.


A Safe Space Is A Happy Place

Provide a safe space for your dog during the 4th of July. Whether their favorite place is a crate, a snugly dog bed, or even your own bed, make sure that they place they feel safest, is available to them. For extra coziness, add some toys, treats, and their favorite blankie int here with them.


Distract Them With Toys

Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Make your dog less anxious and less focused on the loud noises that fireworks emit. Use treat-dispensing toys, Kong’s, squeaky balls, peanut butter, or anything/everything that will keep your dogs attention for long periods of times. Tuning them out is key.


Update ID Tags

It’s very important that on THIS day, your dog be wearing updated tags with his information, as well as yours. If the pupper hops the fence or somehow Houdini’s his way out of the yard, then it will make it easier for you to track them down mid-chaos. If you’re into the latest and greatest, invest in a GPS tracking collar to easy those worries away!


Tire Them Out

If you can, tire your dog out. Go for a walk, take them to the dog park, go for a hike. Whichever activity you choose to do on the morning of the 4th, make sure to exercise your dog earlier in the day, before the fireworks begin. If they are pooped, they’re less likely to focus on the ambient noises around them.


Binge Watch And Chill

If you’re going to be away from your dog on the night of July 4th, try to keep some ambient noise on in the background. I normally leave the TV on (Albus loves Animal Planet) so my dog has something to watch/listen to. On this particular day, turn the volume up a notch to try and block out any other noises. Most of the time, I leave my Roku on Animal Planet or Pandora so Albus has something to listen to while he naps the day away.


Invest In A Thundershirt

Fireworks are not the same experience as a thunderstorm. There aren’t normal warning signs like changes in pressure or winds. Your dog can’t sense when a firework is coming and this may make them more intimidated. A Thundershirt, however, is a great way to keep your doggo feeling safe and secure.


Stay Home (If You Can)

The ideal location for your dog is your home. They are the happiest here, with you by their side. So if you can stay home, do it!