Hello and Welcome

Barkley Rover is your online home for life, style, and all things pet-friendly living. We feature posts designed to make life with your dog easier and fun. We believe that living your best life with your four-legged best friend, doesn’t have to break the bank to be stylish or fun.

Here you’ll find a wide range of dog related topics: stories about my pup Albus Puppledore, reviews of our favorite products, and adventures and mishaps in the life of a modern dog owner.


Meet The Pawsome Team

Mariana Toledo – Founder & Editor

Mariana is Albus’ favorite human, freelance writer, official dog cuddler, and a huge advocate for animal rights. After graduating with a BS in Marketing, she worked in the Digital Marketing field in the realm of advertising, communications, community development, and tourism. Mariana wanted an outlet where she could combine her love of writing and passion for dogs, and thus Barkley Rover was created.

Loves: Dogs, people that like dogs, dog parks, dog cuddling, and Kroger’s Private Selection Maine Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream.

Hates: People who say “I’m just not a dog person”, people who my dog does not like, student loan debt.



Albus Puppledore – Chief Barkerating Officer

Meet the main inspiration behind Barkley Rover. Albus Puppledore (also answers to Albs, Sploot, Snarly Face and Boo Boo), is our resident reviewer of all things delicious and squeaky. He’s a weekend warrior and mischief maker, living his best life with the cutest underbite. As a Teddy Bear dog, Albus travels often, snuggles constantly, and loves having last minute outdoor adventures.

Loves: Napping, riding in the car with his head out the window, barking at noises outside the apartment door, and snow.

Hates: Rain, real peanut butter, fetching, and waiting for you to finish that last bit of food without giving him some.



Rosie St. Bernewfie – Head Toy Engineer

Meet Rosie St. Bernewfie – half St. Bernard, half Newfoundland, full black bear. Lover of ankle biting and destroyer of tennis balls. Serious sock fetish. Cousin to Albus, Rosie considers herself a lap dog and the better looking family member. You can find Rosie romping in the back yard, digging some of the best holes south of the border.

Loves: Sitting on laps, chewing on bones, socks, and anything that she can get into her mouth, belly scratches.

Hates: When her mom and dad use her full name and claims that “she didn’t do it”.



Buddy & Molly – Treat Analysts

Buddy and Molly are a Sheppard brother-sister duo, and Albus’ most trusted advisers. While some describe them as a nervous wreck and chaos, respectively, they take their jobs as lead toy testers very seriously. Combined, they have hours upon hours of toy sniffing, squeaking, and chewing. Rumors around the office are that Albus and Molly are “in a relationship”.

Love: Albus, all the cuddles, taking up all the room on the couch, chasing squirrels.

Hate: Thunder, cats, and that odd next door neighbor that has probably been on the ID network.