Dog Friendly Spotlight: Chateau Morrisette Winery In Floyd, VA

When we spotlight a dog-friendly business or service, here at Barkley Rover, we take several things into consideration as to what makes them dog-friendly and how well they incorporate the doggos in our lives.

Nestled off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Chateau Morrisette, boasts stunning mountain views, award-winning wines, and a very dog-friendly atmosphere. You might have first read about them in our previous article: Chateau Morrisette, Where Dogs Can Bring Their Well-Behaved Humans! 

We took our favorite pupper, Albus Puppledore, along on the journey. See what Albus had to say about his experience at Chateau Morrisette Winery.


Albus’ Overall Dog Friendliness Rating


dog friendly ratings 4 bones




The winery has acres upon acres of grounds that me and my humans could wander around. The only area where four-legged guests were not allowed was inside of the restaurant. That’s okay – who want’s to stay inside when there’s a breeze blowing!


When I had to do my business, there were a TON of good smelling spots. When my business was done, my human mom had to trek to find a trashcan – she was not happy, as her foot was hurt and there were a lot of hills and rocks.


There were some shady, cool spots behind the trees and inside of the gazebos. I liked the gazebos the best! There was a water bowl for me and some table and chairs for my humans. You take good care of my humans, you take good care of me!


I really wasn’t expecting to find so many water bowls for me to choose from! There was one inside the gazebo, one inside the tasting room, and at the restaurant. This good boy never went thirsty during the trip.