13 Puppers Who Are Living Their Best Life At The Beach!

This sassy lady who’s here to work on her tan and promises she’s not throwing you shade.

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This tater-tot who looks even more handsome with sand on his nose, and promises not to get sand in your car.

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This handsome devil who got lost and ended up just looking for some beaches…see what I did there.

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This little spitfire who promises to be the bestest goodboy, if you throw the ball just ONE more time!

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This duo, where one has no regrets and the other knows that he made a TERRIBLE mistake.


This beach buff who came here for the surf and is not amused by your shenanigans, Dave.


This fluffer who clearly heard someone yell out “SHARK”!


This lady’s man who isn’t leaving the beach until he get’s your number.


This sand Ewok, who thinks that if he can blend in, you’ll never be able to drag him home.


This aquatic bear who is confused as to why you keep asking him to “let’s go home”.


This beach babe who clearly knows how to take instaworthy pictures!

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This fluffernutter, who’s 100% ignoring you, and NO, he’s NOT ready to get out of the water, so stop asking him, Karen!


And finally, these three, who are channeling #squadgoals like a boss. On Wednesdays, they wear pink.

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